Often referred to as "non-traditional" advertising, Indoor Advertising is widely recognized as an extremely targeted, well-received advertising medium, that reaches a captive audience while they engage in social settings at high traffic locations such as restaurants, sports bars, fitness clubs, arenas and other popular venues. Indoor Advertising reaches consumers from an uncluttered, captive, eye-level vantage point, making it unavoidable. Although new to the Omaha market, this medium is far from new to the rest of the country, and has been utilized nationwide by some of the world's biggest brands for decades. 

UF has been leveraging this unique position for years to help it's clients reach a captive audience while they are eating, drinking, exercising, or being entertained, thus making Indoor/Restroom Advertising one of the first "Social Media".


UF partners up with local sports bars, lounges, restaurants, fitness clubs, and arenas. We provide them with ad space in the form of 20’’x25” frames that are typically placed above the urinals in men’s restrooms and inside the stalls of women’s restrooms. We then work with our clients to determine which of these venues best match their target audience, and place their ads accordingly. 

Urban Finch acts as a partner to all of their clients, we don't simply place ads. We gather information to learn about your business, specific challenges, and goals.  We then use that information to lock in on your target audience and determine which venues best match that target, ensuring every impression you pay for will be a quality impression that comes directly from your target audience.

The UF team is comprised of experienced ad people. We know how to create effective ads that will allow you to get the best possible results.

After determining campaign length and venue choices, UF places your ads. We stay in close contact with clients that are running active campaigns by answering questions, sharing ideas, and making any campaign adjustments that could be beneficial. 

The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety has been an Urban Finch client for over seven years. They do an outstanding job of taking a simple marketing suggestion and turning it into multiple head turning visual concepts from which to choose. Their indoor advertising strategies provide unique venues to target specific demographic audiences, especially gender.
— Fred Zwonechek | Nebraska Office of Highway Safety