Can I buy just one Display ad for one month just to try it out?  No. 
Our goal is to help our clients reach their goals, not take their money. Unless you plan to be in business for only one month, you should plan for a long-term reach regardless what media you use. Our typical small business client buys a minimum of 5 ads for 3 - 6 months that are placed in various locations to fit their demographic needs. However, you can buy one Poster ad for one month. One Poster ad can make a quick impact if placed at the right location, and is most utilized by event promoters, or job recruiters. 

What is the shortest length of time I can buy Ads?  One month.  In certain call-to-action situations, a one month campaign is ideal. If the campaign is only for one month, we recommend small businesses place many smaller Display ads at many locations, or use larger Poster or Spread ads in order to make an impact in a short amount of time. However, if what you're promoting isn't time sensitive, we recommend small businesses to make a 6  or 12 month buy to take advantage of discount rates and to build frequency with their target audience.

If I buy for 6 months or 12 months, do I have to keep the same design up? No.
If you change your ad monthly, you pay the production and posting fee of $4 per ad space. If you wait and post a new design at the end of each quarter, there is no charge. Your first posting and production fee is included in the media cost.



My client’s are hesitant to advertise in a bathroom. Will advertising in bathrooms compromise the reputation of an upscale brand? Verizon, State Farm, Budweiser, and Life Lock, all leaders in their category, advertise with this media nationwide. We do realize it can seem like a risk for those not familiar with the power of our media, but that’s where a great ad agency can help their client understand the long term value of branding their product or service by adding Urban Finch to their media mix. Those who have given us a chance are rewarded with our loyalty and exclusivity for the life of our relationship and have the opportunity to grow with us. 

What is the CPM rate with Urban Finch Indoor Advertising? The CPM rate obviously varies depending on the location your ads are placed, but the average right now is $3.48. If you're a media buyer, you know how good that is. Contact us for specific location CPM rates.

 How is ROI measured with your medium? At Urban Finch we take pride in the simplicity of our medium. We could spend a lot of money buying survey data or commissioning independent audits, but these costs would be passed onto our advertisers by way of higher rates. We take a more common sense approach. With an average CPM rate of $3.48, the advertiser is paying very little to make an impression on their target audience that is proven to produce results. The value of Urban Finch is its target-ability and minimal wast. You know who is exposed to your ads and are not paying to reach thousands who are not in your target market. 

For clients who want to measure ROI, we recommend clients run coupon ads, or ads with promo codes.  

What is the Agency discount? 15% discount is given to all agencies.